I mirror you… You mirror me…

Besides being a fashion designer, as a part of a lifestyle design, I practice and also teach yoga… Currently I have hot yoga classes in a studio called Zen and Yoga in forest hills NY. Yesterday before my yoga class, one lovely couple who come regularly to my class complemented me so generously… I obviously was flattered, but confirmed that people are like mirrors… because I felt the same way about them… They are such beautiful people… they courageously came in to the hot yoga room, and stick to the practice… keeping open minds and coming back to the mats… and they come together every week. They support each other… I honestly believe the world peace starts with supporting your immediate surrounding first… so I have been admiring their beings and efforts week after week… and I see them getting stronger every week, that has been so empowering…

So when they complemented me, I knew that they see themselves in me also… we mirror each other…

If I tell you that the greatest teacher of all for you is actually YOU… do you believe me?

We all have the teacher in us. It is the inner wisdom…

One great teacher can try to teach 100 people the same thing, but they probably will learn it 100 different ways… maybe some do and maybe some don’t right away. It is really up to the person to learn … but when you did learn, you did it, yourself… not the “teacher”.

I do “teach” yoga every week… but my students are also my teachers… they reflect all my elements, happiness, anger, love, compassion, fears, worries, etc etc…

As it may seem challenging as it is… life is so beautiful… because of you… So thank you those who come into my life….

Happy New Moon! A Happy New Model! Happy B•hū•UR Ambassadors!!!

This is the last new moon for 2018…  I am setting my intention to believe in myself even more and move forward to spread my B•hū•UR message for the next full moon and year!!

Opening my online store BhuUR.com in August 2018, miraculously, I made a few sales … I so appreciate your support… Thank you so much!!

I was so happy to receive this picture from this beautiful customer (J.J) on her beautiful vacation!! She is wearing one of B•hū•UR’s tops, “I 💖 2cu Happy” french terry top! Awww … She looks SO CUTE!!

I loved this photo so much, first with her permission I put it on my instagram @rikarikastudio, and on facebook… I got good responses on the posts… So I asked her if I can use the pictures for my website…   

She said YES! and VOILAVOILA! the first B•hū•UR fashion ambassador was born!  

B•hū•UR Ambassador!! yes yes that’s it!!  I felt I could connect with the world with my message (Be Who You Are!) more with her example! She made it easier for this top to connect with others!! She is an ambassador!!

I would love to see you happy!! Please send me your pictures wearing B•hū•UR designs and be inspired to inspire others to be who they are!!

Yes! Just B•hū•UR !!

Be the next B•hū•UR model and ambassador !!

Thank you for spreading the love and the message… xoxo

Namaste! Nama’s tee!

Today one of my Namastees was sold!!! and it will be worn by a lady called Ms.Nama! It is now Nama’s tee!

A few days ago, I taught a yoga class wearing my Namastee-shirt… After the class I was asked by one of the yogis who took my class where I got the T-shirt I was wearing!!

Tada! e-hem… I designed it!!!!!!!! I was so surprised and definitely flattered to be asked about my product! 

But the surprise did not stop there… He told me his wife’s nick name is Nama and he would want to get the tee shirt for her… because then it will be really Nama’s tee-shirt!! ( Awww what a thoughtful husband…)

I was so surprised how beautiful and humorous a coincidence can be!! and really loved how my design is so personal to some people even at unconscious level!

I could not help but to customize the graphic for this special occasion…!!

I hope my Namastee will be happy to be Nama’s tee now…

If you would like to customize wordings on some of my products, I will try to accommodate your requests as much as possible!! Please drop me a line!

Also please sign up for my newsletter for future sales and new products info!

Life is beautiful and fun! Thank you for being a part of it!!!


Happy Halloween! and the art of letting things happen organically

Happy Halloween! and the end of Oct…

Ohhh wow… so, how was your month of October?

For me, it was a very organic month… It really felt like it allowed me to go with the flow… I started teaching more yoga organically, reconnected with friends organically, traveled organically, decluttered my place and rearranged my furniture organically… lol

Organically means I did not plan to… I was just ready to…

I was asked to teach more yoga classes… I was not looking to… but I wanted to… so I just said YES when I was asked. I subbed a few classes too, so taught in a hot room, regular room, in an office, and even in a gym! It is challenging but so much fun to put myself out there with what I love… a bit like designing products… lol. and, I got more phone calls and text messages from random friends, and just embracing those opportunities I was surrounded by good friends, including my college friends that I have not seen for many years!!…  I also visited some of my friends’ places that is located a few hours away from my place, and it felt like vacations! You see my picture? That is me on a farm in NJ with my friends’ dog Rosie! it was so relaxing and so nice to be in touch with the nature and the (halloween) season…  and oh wow… I am not sure if I am happy about this, but I rearranged my furniture because I got mice in my apartment while I was away for a few days!! Boohoo… I was looking for the holes on the wall and I moved and rearranged some furnitures now… it looks actually much better than before though…!! and since … mice had a party in my place, I throw away some items otherwise I would have still clinging on to… and this was something I wanted to do for a long time… lol.

As for creative activities as a designer, this too unfolded organically… I could not do a lot of things I planned to such as opening my Etsy store (lol, coming soon) and move forward to more design works… (lol coming soon too) but I got a new SSD and Hard drives for my MacBook! My friend who is super talented at apple products helped me to upgrade my vintage 2012 MacBook with Max Memory and high speed performance!! Whoa!!! So now I have no choice but to perform my best as I cannot blame my “vintage” MacBook for slowness anymore… lol 

Sometimes embracing the NOW is not easy… because I am not certain and could always have the sense of being out of control… but we have to trust intuition more… because at the end.. it all works out organically and sometimes even more perfectly than perfectly planned plans…

So cheers to the organic month… Looking forward to what November will bring to us…


Welcome Fall! A Long sleeve Namastee is in the store!

Wow! Time flies! and it is already October and another new moon…(yesterday)…

It is a good time to set and renew our intentions for this cycle… It may sound silly but it helps me to keep myself being guided. 

Around the last full moon, I got a new offer to teach a weekly class at a yoga studio… I setted an intention to teach more yoga classes on that cycle… and voila, it fulfilled… Now it is time to set a new intention… what could it be…?

Teaching yoga in NYC is really interesting… Sometimes I am mesmerized by the contrast of the super busy life styles of New Yorkers and the super dedicated yoga practice of theirs… and we have so many great yogis in this urban environment…

I really enjoy both sides of life, New York and Yoga… and that inspired me to create this new “Namaste collection… “

It was a therapeutic design approach coming from my fun spirit and I enjoyed building the collection… I was already so satisfied to just see the products in my online store… but awww I am so thankful that some people actually bought the items!! This makes me feel I am connected to them. 

So have you had a chance to look at my “Namaste collection” ?It is now available in my store…

In the collection, I have a new favorite tee called “Namastee” lol.

It is a Tee shirt saying Namastee on the chest and why it says so… teehee. I wanted to make this design when I needed to run from a yoga class in Brooklyn I had just taught and needed to run to teach another yoga class in Queens… My hands were busy getting the paperworks, my mat, my bags, my water, and then as I was leaving I was saying good byes and namastes to the clients… just without the hand gesture… omg isn’t that important? Oh well… what can I do? I am a busy urban yogi… lol. but I do care!! A LOT!! so the Namastee was born.

Let’s see if this tee shirt will bring me more peace for the next class… lol

Are you like me?? Need this Tee shirt? Please sign up for my news letter to get a sales info and special coupons!! 

As always B•hū•UR!

Until next blog! Namaste(e) ❤

B•hū•UR.com Store Opens!

Hooray! The store is now open!! I feel like one of the dogs in the picture.

I thought… it will be easy… like 1-2-3… to have a website… I mean… so many people do it…

I thought… I could open an online store like 3 months ago… I.WAS.WRONG…

but I am happy finally the store is open!! and now I will keep designing and adding items to my store!


Use code : Happy2BhuUR

Becoming of B•hū•UR… Clothes remaking workshop

The beginning of my Tshirt Renaissance collection… now I think back… it was in 2017 Summer…

I was asked to co-host a Clothes remaking workshop by Bunny Yan from the Squirrelz in the east village on Manhattan…,  I instructed people and gave some guidance on remaking clothes… and the feedbacks I received were really satisfying and touching… on the soul level…

“Empowering” “Inspiring” “Motivating”

I loved to hear those positive words and it was almost an awakening moment… in my life… It was so touching to see just a bit of instructions I gave made some people in that positive way…

I started remaking a lot of things after that… I remade giveaway bags from the Summer Solstice Times square event into a yoga mat bag…,(I needed two bags… sorry my friend lost a bag. lol)

I remade promotional T-shirts into unique tops,

I also bought fun Tshirts from a NYC souvenier shop, and from the HDLV USA!! and made these as below pictures.

These are my first two bought T-shirts renaissance projects!!! lol. (“bought” means I actually paid money for them.) OMG it was so scary and kinda sad to cut up perfectly brand new BOUGHT T-shirts!!! Especially the one from HDLV! because I loved the T-shirt as is.. lol…But now I end up wearing it even more because I customized it to my fashion. 🙂

I wear it in my first youtube video! Did you watch it already? what did you think??

Anyway I used to change up second hand clothes or defectives… It felt really funny and wrong to cut up perfectly new garments…. but I love the constant results from the expected templates, and I came to learn to save most of the fabrics now!!

Back then I never thought I will be cutting my original designed T-shirts…lol. OMG

but… I love it… Now I get to be creative and also get to deliver my personal message to the world through graphics!!

I am looking forward to seeing what I will be cutting up in the future…!!

Being B•hū•UR

My first blog post! Being B•hū•UR…

I thought about the name, and made the label, website, and now… Oh wow, it is so hard to write B•hū•UR correctly. lol

First of all… how do you call that • ? 

A center dot!!! ?????

  lol no, that was how I called it… but the official name of • is INTERPUNCT

OK so we got • out of the way… lol but… how do we type •? The answer is Option 8 ! on Apple.


then ū… lol. This I had to bother my website design teacher (can you believe I tried to learn coding CSS, HTML, etc?..) Mr. Williams. He really helped me to make my B•hū•UR exist in the digital world. lol

That horizontal bar on top of u is called Macron. not Macaron, it is a Macron.

From WIKI:

macron (/ˈmækrɒn, ˈmeɪ-/) is a diacritical mark: it is a straight bar (¯) placed above a letter, usually a vowel. Its name derives from Greek μακρόν (makrón), meaning ‘long’, since it was originally used to mark long or heavy syllables in Greco-Roman metrics. It now more often marks a long vowel. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the macron is used to indicate a mid-tone; the sign for a long vowel is instead a modified triangular colon

A macron can be type on a mac with option a  then u or any other letter you want to put the macron over. so in this case option a then u.if I ever need to spell my B•hū•UR it will sound like this…

Capital B, interpunct, small h macron small u  interpunct, capital U, capital R …

OMG already not so  easy to B.hū•UR…  but I love it. lol