Namaste! Nama’s tee!

Today one of my Namastees was sold!!! and it will be worn by a lady called Ms.Nama! It is now Nama’s tee!

A few days ago, I taught a yoga class wearing my Namastee-shirt… After the class I was asked by one of the yogis who took my class where I got the T-shirt I was wearing!!

Tada! e-hem… I designed it!!!!!!!! I was so surprised and definitely flattered to be asked about my product! 

But the surprise did not stop there… He told me his wife’s nick name is Nama and he would want to get the tee shirt for her… because then it will be really Nama’s tee-shirt!! ( Awww what a thoughtful husband…)

I was so surprised how beautiful and humorous a coincidence can be!! and really loved how my design is so personal to some people even at unconscious level!

I could not help but to customize the graphic for this special occasion…!!

I hope my Namastee will be happy to be Nama’s tee now…

If you would like to customize wordings on some of my products, I will try to accommodate your requests as much as possible!! Please drop me a line!

Also please sign up for my newsletter for future sales and new products info!

Life is beautiful and fun! Thank you for being a part of it!!!


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