Happy Halloween! and the art of letting things happen organically

Happy Halloween! and the end of Oct…

Ohhh wow… so, how was your month of October?

For me, it was a very organic month… It really felt like it allowed me to go with the flow… I started teaching more yoga organically, reconnected with friends organically, traveled organically, decluttered my place and rearranged my furniture organically… lol

Organically means I did not plan to… I was just ready to…

I was asked to teach more yoga classes… I was not looking to… but I wanted to… so I just said YES when I was asked. I subbed a few classes too, so taught in a hot room, regular room, in an office, and even in a gym! It is challenging but so much fun to put myself out there with what I love… a bit like designing products… lol. and, I got more phone calls and text messages from random friends, and just embracing those opportunities I was surrounded by good friends, including my college friends that I have not seen for many years!!…  I also visited some of my friends’ places that is located a few hours away from my place, and it felt like vacations! You see my picture? That is me on a farm in NJ with my friends’ dog Rosie! it was so relaxing and so nice to be in touch with the nature and the (halloween) season…  and oh wow… I am not sure if I am happy about this, but I rearranged my furniture because I got mice in my apartment while I was away for a few days!! Boohoo… I was looking for the holes on the wall and I moved and rearranged some furnitures now… it looks actually much better than before though…!! and since … mice had a party in my place, I throw away some items otherwise I would have still clinging on to… and this was something I wanted to do for a long time… lol.

As for creative activities as a designer, this too unfolded organically… I could not do a lot of things I planned to such as opening my Etsy store (lol, coming soon) and move forward to more design works… (lol coming soon too) but I got a new SSD and Hard drives for my MacBook! My friend who is super talented at apple products helped me to upgrade my vintage 2012 MacBook with Max Memory and high speed performance!! Whoa!!! So now I have no choice but to perform my best as I cannot blame my “vintage” MacBook for slowness anymore… lol 

Sometimes embracing the NOW is not easy… because I am not certain and could always have the sense of being out of control… but we have to trust intuition more… because at the end.. it all works out organically and sometimes even more perfectly than perfectly planned plans…

So cheers to the organic month… Looking forward to what November will bring to us…


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