I mirror you… You mirror me…

Besides being a fashion designer, as a part of a lifestyle design, I practice and also teach yoga… Currently I have hot yoga classes in a studio called Zen and Yoga in forest hills NY. Yesterday before my yoga class, one lovely couple who come regularly to my class complemented me so generously… I obviously was flattered, but confirmed that people are like mirrors… because I felt the same way about them… They are such beautiful people… they courageously came in to the hot yoga room, and stick to the practice… keeping open minds and coming back to the mats… and they come together every week. They support each other… I honestly believe the world peace starts with supporting your immediate surrounding first… so I have been admiring their beings and efforts week after week… and I see them getting stronger every week, that has been so empowering…

So when they complemented me, I knew that they see themselves in me also… we mirror each other…

If I tell you that the greatest teacher of all for you is actually YOU… do you believe me?

We all have the teacher in us. It is the inner wisdom…

One great teacher can try to teach 100 people the same thing, but they probably will learn it 100 different ways… maybe some do and maybe some don’t right away. It is really up to the person to learn … but when you did learn, you did it, yourself… not the “teacher”.

I do “teach” yoga every week… but my students are also my teachers… they reflect all my elements, happiness, anger, love, compassion, fears, worries, etc etc…

As it may seem challenging as it is… life is so beautiful… because of you… So thank you those who come into my life….

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