Becoming of B•hū•UR… Clothes remaking workshop

The beginning of my Tshirt Renaissance collection… now I think back… it was in 2017 Summer…

I was asked to co-host a Clothes remaking workshop by Bunny Yan from the Squirrelz in the east village on Manhattan…,  I instructed people and gave some guidance on remaking clothes… and the feedbacks I received were really satisfying and touching… on the soul level…

“Empowering” “Inspiring” “Motivating”

I loved to hear those positive words and it was almost an awakening moment… in my life… It was so touching to see just a bit of instructions I gave made some people in that positive way…

I started remaking a lot of things after that… I remade giveaway bags from the Summer Solstice Times square event into a yoga mat bag…,(I needed two bags… sorry my friend lost a bag. lol)

I remade promotional T-shirts into unique tops,

I also bought fun Tshirts from a NYC souvenier shop, and from the HDLV USA!! and made these as below pictures.

These are my first two bought T-shirts renaissance projects!!! lol. (“bought” means I actually paid money for them.) OMG it was so scary and kinda sad to cut up perfectly brand new BOUGHT T-shirts!!! Especially the one from HDLV! because I loved the T-shirt as is.. lol…But now I end up wearing it even more because I customized it to my fashion. 🙂

I wear it in my first youtube video! Did you watch it already? what did you think??

Anyway I used to change up second hand clothes or defectives… It felt really funny and wrong to cut up perfectly new garments…. but I love the constant results from the expected templates, and I came to learn to save most of the fabrics now!!

Back then I never thought I will be cutting my original designed T-shirts…lol. OMG

but… I love it… Now I get to be creative and also get to deliver my personal message to the world through graphics!!

I am looking forward to seeing what I will be cutting up in the future…!!

Being B•hū•UR

My first blog post! Being B•hū•UR…

I thought about the name, and made the label, website, and now… Oh wow, it is so hard to write B•hū•UR correctly. lol

First of all… how do you call that • ? 

A center dot!!! ?????

  lol no, that was how I called it… but the official name of • is INTERPUNCT

OK so we got • out of the way… lol but… how do we type •? The answer is Option 8 ! on Apple.


then ū… lol. This I had to bother my website design teacher (can you believe I tried to learn coding CSS, HTML, etc?..) Mr. Williams. He really helped me to make my B•hū•UR exist in the digital world. lol

That horizontal bar on top of u is called Macron. not Macaron, it is a Macron.

From WIKI:

macron (/ˈmækrɒn, ˈmeɪ-/) is a diacritical mark: it is a straight bar (¯) placed above a letter, usually a vowel. Its name derives from Greek μακρόν (makrón), meaning ‘long’, since it was originally used to mark long or heavy syllables in Greco-Roman metrics. It now more often marks a long vowel. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the macron is used to indicate a mid-tone; the sign for a long vowel is instead a modified triangular colon

A macron can be type on a mac with option a  then u or any other letter you want to put the macron over. so in this case option a then u.if I ever need to spell my B•hū•UR it will sound like this…

Capital B, interpunct, small h macron small u  interpunct, capital U, capital R …

OMG already not so  easy to B.hū•UR…  but I love it. lol