Sustainability = Creativity?

So, I have been one of those who are really really really … like REALLY bad at what Marie Kondo does; throwing things away.

YES Gift boxes, ribbons, old clothes, wrapping papers, and so on they spark joy in me. and Yes I do want to keep them…

I had been wondering why I am like this… then I realized there is a pattern in my thought process when I decide to keep things….

“wow! this is great to make ( ) !”

I most always want to make something out of those unwanted things.

Hooray! the time is now finally accepting this “reuse and remake” concept.

Remake and reuse, such as “upcycling” and “eco-fashion” are not just eco friendly hobbies anymore, they are mandatory life challenges for the world to survive…

I had worked as a fashion designer for a long time, so naturally I love fashion!! yet nowadays I hardly buy new clothes as I find so many interesting old clothes everywhere. With a bit of creativity those unwanted clothes are somethings so wanted again. I find joy of making my own fashion and clothes and love being creative about it… Some people call that sustainable.. wow so trendy… lol.

This morning I got a phone call from a friend who works for a big cooperation in the US, and she was telling me how big companies are now try to learn sustainability from small businesses. I was not sure what they are trying to learn … are there anything to learn actually… ? and if there are, how can you learn how to be creative?

sustainability is strongly connected to creativity…

So if you are creative, being sustainable is not only easy but also so much fun!!!

Just an idea could save this planet.

and this thought made me sooooo powerful and motivated today!! to be who I am and enjoy being who I am.

Maybe I am not Marie Kondo who I admire so much… but I decided to embrace who I am today and see what I could offer through me.


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